The Thousand Sunny is the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. Here are some things you may not have known!


The Thousand Sunny is the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates on which they started sailing after the events of the Enies Lobby arc of the One Piece series. The Sunny was crafted by none other than Franky & his brother Iceberg, along with the Galley-La.

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Said to be a ship like none other, it"s no surprise that the Thousand Sunny is capable of sailing even the harshest of seas, especially with people lượt thích Nami & Jinbe there khổng lồ guide it, and Usopp và Franky to lớn fix it when necessary. Although the Sunny has been with the Straw Hats for a long time now, there are things about it that only a few fans know of.


One Piece"s creator, Eiichiro Oda is very diligent when it comes lớn incorporating things into his story, và ships are no different. Both ships that the Straw Hat Pirates have received are modeled closely khổng lồ real ships, as is expected of an illustrator of Oda"s stature.

When it comes lớn Thousand Sunny, the ship is a Carrack type ship, which refers to lớn an ocean-going sailing ship developed in the 14th century. This type of ship is said khổng lồ be a two or three-masted ship, making it comfortable enough for a group of people to lớn travel on.


Although the Going Merry was a spectacular ship in its own right, it couldn"t handle the rough beating of the Grand Line for long, even more so because the ship didn"t have a shipwright. The Sunny is certainly much more durable because it is made by Adam Wood, which is the strongest wood that is found in the One Piece world.

Thanks lớn the money that Franky stole from Usopp, he was able to lớn procure Adam Wood from the black market. Ultimately, he ended up using it to lớn create the ship of his dreams, The Thousand Sunny.


The Thousand Sunny is a massive ship, as expected of a vessel that Franky calls the ship of his dreams. To lớn put that in perspective, the Thousand Sunny is said lớn be twice the form size of the Going Merry, at the very least.

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Apart from being exceptional at sailing, the Thousand Sunny has ample room for everything that the crew needs, such as Zoro"s training room, Sanji"s kitchen, among many other things. Interestingly, every Straw Hat made requests for things lớn be added khổng lồ the Sunny & Franky made sure khổng lồ include all of them when crafting this magnificent sailing vessel.


The Thousand Sunny has an animal"s head as its figurehead, much like the Merry. While the Merry had a sheep, the Sunny has a lion"s face with a mane on the front. Funnily enough, the figurehead often gets mistaken for something else, such as when the Galley-La mistook it khổng lồ be a sunflower & later the sun during the construction.

Nonetheless, the Sunny"s figurehead is actually suited to the Straw Hat Pirates, just as Luffy notes it lớn be on the very first look. The rest of the crew seems to feel the same way about the ship.

Although the Thousand Sunny isn"t the strongest of ships when it comes to firepower, it certainly isn"t weak either. The Sunny may not be strong enough to lớn wipe out islands such as the Pluton, one of the Ancient Weapons, but it does pack quite some power.

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From what we"ve seen, the Sunny is known to have a total of sixteen cannons. Fourteen of those are on the sides of the ship, with seven lined on each side. One of the remaining two, the Gaon Cannon, is in the figurehead, while the Coup de Burst is in the astern.

Being made from Adam Wood, it is no surprise that the Thousand Sunny is a powerful ship. This is further backed up by Jinbe, a master Helmsman, who claimed that with the right navigator và a professional at the helm, the Sunny is actually an invincible ship.

Furthermore, the Sunny is made even stronger with the presence of powerful forces of Luffy, Zoro, và Sanji onboard who bởi more than enough to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with threats as Nami & Jinbe (in the future) guide it lớn safety.

The Sunny has a special mix of features known as the Soldier Dock System that"s accessible via the steering wheel of the ship. Through the knob on the wheel, different compartments of the ship can be selected and each of them has a special feature, thanks lớn Franky and the Galley La"s excellent craftsmanship.

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The compartments can then be opened using a lever situated nearby, và the contents of the compartments can then be accessed. The said lever can also be used to initiate the Coup de Burst.

As expected, the Thousand Sunny has Log Pose installed behind the helm of the ship which helps in the navigation of the ship. Since the crew successfully reached the New World after the two-year time-skip, the Log Pose has been updated one that works better in the New World.

Just lượt thích the Log Pose on Nami"s wrist, the newer Log Pose has three needles instead of only one since the standard Log Pose simply doesn"t work in the New World.

As expected, The Sunny specifically has men"s and women"s quarters in it. According lớn Oda"s blueprint for the Sunny, the men"s quarters are located on the first floor, while the women"s quarters are located a floor above them on the second floor.

Both men"s & women"s rooms have a washroom right at the entrance. Apart from the usual stuff in there, there is also a bell lớn use in case an emergency arises as the Thousand Sunny sails across the New World. It is safe to say that the ship is more than prepared for any situation.

In case of emergency, such as an impending battle with a massive fleet, the Sunny has the option to lớn use the Coup de Burst, a special air cannon that shoots the ship into the sky và allows it lớn travel a distance of 1km in the air.

According khổng lồ Franky, the Coup de Burst serves a fantastic purpose of escaping in case of an emergency. The first time the Straw Hat Pirates used the Coup de Burst was when Garp started hunting them down towards the over of the Post Enies Lobby arc.

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