Furious 7 sees the late Paul Walker in one of his final roles (he died in a car accident in 2013), and this tuy nhiên closes the film as a final tribute to lớn the late actor.

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Producers of the film were looking for a song that would be an "earnest và celebratory" goodbye lớn Walker, và put out the hotline for demos. Charlie Puth wrote the tuy nhiên thinking about his friend who passed away, & envisioning Vin Diesel sending a final text message khổng lồ Walker, writing, "I"ll tell you all about it when I see you again."
The marketing thrust behind the tuy vậy focused on its tribute khổng lồ Paul Walker, but Puth occasionally talked about his personal inspiration: his friend Vail Cerullo, who died in a motorcycle accident in 2012. The two met when they were both students at Berklee College of Music; Cerullo told Puth that he would someday write a #1 song, & even predicted that it would be in a movie.When Puth teamed up with Justin Franks to lớn write the song, Franks revealed that he, too, lost a friend in a motorcycle accident.
The video, directed by Marc Klasfeld, combines footage of Khalifa and Puth performing the track with footage from the movie. The visual also pays homage to lớn Paul Walker, by showing him in several nostalgic Fast and Furious flashbacks. The song was released before the movie came out, but the video clip was held back until after the film was released so as not lớn leak the footage.
Puth hadn"t seen Furious 7 before he wrote the song. "They just told me about the scenes," he said. "Later on, they wanted us to write a bridge which became "So let the light guide your way, hold every memory as you go," so I actually went khổng lồ see a rough cut of the movie with the song and – oh, you know what I just realized? When I went lớn that rough cut I still didn"t know they were going lớn use my vocals on it. They were going lớn get someone else lớn sing it – và they had a lot of great people try it – but they showed the movie with me singing the hook. I was like, "By the way, did you guys put my cut of the vocals in there on accident?" và they"re like, "Oh, no. We"re going khổng lồ use you on the song." I was like, "What!? You"re going khổng lồ use me?!""
Puth points out that while the tuy nhiên has a specific inspiration, its meaning can change depending on the circumstance: it can be about looking forward khổng lồ seeing your girl again, or about seeing some friends you haven"t seen in a while, for instance.
Wiz Khalifa recorded his verses in his pal Snoop Dogg"s L.A. Home studio. "I loved Charlie"s voice và the message," he told Billboard magazine. "I"ve lost a lot of people, so I just channeled that energy."
Eminem và 50 Cent were originally earmarked to record the song. However, Eminem turned it down because of his involvement with the Southpaw soundtrack (he was the executive producer). 50 said during an interview on Boomers và Carton"s radio program. "At the time we had to make a decision between doing that and the tuy nhiên for Fast & Furious
. And that record <"See You Again"> was a huge success for Wiz Khalifa & them. He decided to vày Southpaw because he was invested in the project."
The video clip debuted on April 5, năm ngoái when Puth posted it khổng lồ Twitter and Vin Diesel posted it on Facebook. The Facebook video, promoted by the cast of the film & the artists, was viewed 40 million times in the first 12 hours, setting a record for a Facebook video premiere. The next day, it was posted to YouTube.

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