All About Actor Ryu Jin

Ryu Jin is a South Korean actor who began his acting career in 1996. He is active sầu not only as an actor but also as a mã sản phẩm và an entertainer. Ryu Jin is also a husbvà và a father in his lovely little family. Let’s learn more about actor Ryu Jin.

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Ryu Jin’s Full Protệp tin and Facts



Real Name: Im Yoo-jin

Date of Birth: November 16, 1972

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Education: Kyungwon University – Tourism

Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 1996 – Preset

Agency: Pan Stars Company


He joined Season 2 of the 2014 MBC variety show Dad! Where Are We Going?He became a volunteer for UNICEF.He and his son are models for Beanpole Kids.

Who is Ryu Jin’s Wife?


Ryu Jin has been married khổng lồ Lee Hye-sun since October 29, 2006. Prior lớn their marriage, they were dating for over 6 years. Their wedding ceremony took place in the Shilla Hotel. He and Lee Hye-sun have sầu 2 children, Im Chan-hyung và Im Chang-ho.

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List of Ryu Jin’s Drama & Movie Appearances


Ryu Jin made his acting debut in 1996. He has been staring in several hit dramas ever since, such as Summer Scent, Three Leaf Clover, Oh! Pilseung Bong Soo-young and many more. He has also starred in several movies, however, Ryu Jin prefers staring in tv dramas rather than movies. Here are the lists with Ryu Jin’s drama and movie appearances until now.

Movie appearances list
YearMovie Title
1997Deep Sorrow
2004Dead Friend
2007The Elephant on the Bike

Drama appearances list
YearNetworkDrama Title
1999KBS2Love In 3 Colors
KBS1Sunrise, Moonrise
2000MBCNot Anyone Can Love
More Than Love
Air Force
2001KBS2Stoông xã Flower
Pure Heart
2002Who’s My Love
2003KBS2Summer Scent
2004MBCWar of the Roses
KBS2Oh! Pil-seung, Bong Soon-young
2005SBSThree Leaf Cover
Ballad of Seodong
2006MBCLove sầu Truly
2007KBS2Capital Scandal
2008Mom’s Dead Upset
Formidable Rivals
MBCGeneral Hospital 2
2009SBSLoving You a Thousand Times
2010KBS2Secret Agent Miss Oh
2011Baby Faced Beauty
MBCA Thousvà Kisses
TV ChosunInto the Flames
2013 – 2014KBS2Prime Minister và I
năm trước – 2015SBSRun, Jang-mi

List of Ryu Jin’s Award Achievements


Although Ryu Jin debuted in 1996, he first won an award in 2012, namely the MBC Entertainment Award. Until now, he has won 4 awards in total. Here is a menu of Ryu Jin’s award achievements until now.

Award Achievements
NoAward AchievementDrama
12012 MBC Entertainment Awards: Popularity Award in a Sitcom/ComedyStandby
22001 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity AwardStock Flower
31999 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actor, Photogenic Award
41998 SBS Drama Awards: Best New ActorRomance