You are not alone if you thought Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were the perfect match.

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Fans fell in love with the couple after The Notebook, và everyone’s wishes seemingly came true when they dated in real life in the mid-2000s. Although their relationship fizzled out & Gosling went on to partner with Eva Mendes, the actor’s uncle also thought that McAdams was “The One.”

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Inside Ryan Gosling’s romance with Rachel McAdams

Gosling & McAdams met while working on The Notebook in2003. Although they had great chemistry during the casting process, Peoplereports that Gosling & McAdams did not get along on the set.

Director NickCassavetes once revealed that things got so bad that Gosling requestedthat he cast another actress khổng lồ play the lead. Luckily, Cassavetes convinced Gosling to lớn giveMcAdams another chance và the pair put aside their differences to finish themovie.

“Maybe I’m not supposed khổng lồ tell this story, but they were really not getting along one day on set. Really not,” Cassavetes shared. “And Ryan came lớn me, và there’s 150 people standing in this big scene, and he says, ‘Nick come here.’ & he’s doing a scene with Rachel & he says, ‘Would you take her out of here & bring in another actress khổng lồ read off camera with me?"”

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It would be another two years before Gosling & McAdams started dating. The two sparked up a romance in 2005 và famously kissed each other on stage at the MTV Movie Awards that same year.

From that point on, Gosling & McAdams appeared together onquite a few red carpets, though their relationship came to lớn an kết thúc in the fallof 2007. They briefly reunited in 2008 before calling it quits altogether.

Why did Gosling & McAdams break up?

Gosling & McAdams never revealed why their romance did not workout, but we bởi vì know that they split on good terms. In an interview from 2007,Gosling revealed that they did their best lớn stay together before calling it a“draw.”

“The only thing I remember is we both went down swingin’ and we called it a draw,” Gosling stated, adding that fans were very disappointed by the news.

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In the summer of 2008, McAdams attended Ryan Gosling’s first foray into the world of DJing. At the time, an insider revealed that Gosling was “happy” khổng lồ see McAdams at his show, which took place in a Hollywood venue.

The former couple was spotted a few weeks after the eventenjoying dinner in Toronto, Canada.

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The sighting sparked hope that Gosling andMcAdams would eventually reunite, something that his uncle also apparentlythought would happen as well.

Gosling’s uncle thought McAdams was ‘The One’

In an interview with HeatWorld, Gosling’s uncle, Kevin Gosling, opened up about his thoughtson his nephew’s romance with McAdams, Without mincing any words, he admittedthat he always thought the two were perfect for each other.

“It sure seemed likewas The One forhim,” he stated.

Ryan Gosling’s uncle went on to lớn say that he first met McAdams during a family get-together for Christmas. He revealed that McAdams was “very down-to-earth” and did not act lượt thích a Hollywood star.

He then noted that she hung out for several hours “drinkingbeer” và “laughing all the time.” He didn’t say why thingsdidn’t work out between them, but it was clear that he still had fond memoriesof the actress.

“It was amazing how comfortable we were, just sitting aroundthe kitchen table, talking,” he added.

Ryan Gosling finds happiness with Evan Mendes

Following his breakup with McAdams, Gosling went on to lớn dateMendes, with whom he now shares two children.

While Gosling and Mendes are an A-List couple, they rarely step out in public together. In fact, their only red carpet appearance was for the 2012 movie, The Place Beyond The Pines.

Gosling và Mendes have made a deliberate decision khổng lồ keep theirromance out of the public eye. With their relationship still going strong afterall of these years, the tactic is clearly paying off.

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Although they usually keep things low-key, Mendes recently praised Gosling’s acting credits with a heartfelt post on social media.

“What a tough question,” Mendes shared after a fanasked about her favorite movies that feature Gosling. “He was soincredibly heartbreaking inBladerunner. Such an impossible role to play and he did it sobeautifully! và his portrayal of Armstrong was so subtle & powerfuland emotional. I got lost in his performance in that film.”

Ryan Gosling has never commented on his uncle’s comments about his relationship with McAdams.