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Bạn đang xem: Muôn kiểu ghen tuông tập 9 "weather girl" Pyoãng cầu Ri travels to thủ đô bangkok thái lan on, where she reunites with reporter Lee Hwa Shin, the arrogant subject of her unrequited love three years prior. (
Red waits anxiously at the hospital for her father khổng lồ wake up. Hwa Shin is convinced thatãng cầu Ri is still infatuated with (
Jung Won tries to connect withãng cầu Ri, a task she unknowingly difficult for Hwa Shin has trouble opening up about his hospital visit. (
Na Ri and Hwa Shin are placed in the hospital Ja Young & Sung Sook pay a visit lớn Rak Pasta Villa. (
Hwa Shin is jealous of a certain "healing"ãng cầu Ri is given. Ja Young finds a hint that could reveal Red"s location. (
Na Ri worries about Hwa Shin his radiation therapy sessions. Red begins to lớn act out, refusing lớn see either of her (
Hwa Shin encourages Jung Won khổng lồ dateãng cầu Ri. The weather girls suspicious ofãng cầu Ri & Hwa Shin"s relationship. spread throughout the station aboutãng cầu Ri & Hwa Shin, while Jung Won giao dịch with publicized stories about his love life. ( spread throughout the station aboutãng cầu Ri and Hwa Shin, while Jung Won đơn hàng with publicized stories about his love life. (
Jung Won unexpectedly learns of Hwa Shin"s feelings for na Ri, and it causes a rift in their close friendship. (
Hwa Shin tries lớn avoid na Ri, but another health scare it difficult. News of na Ri"s anchor audition begins to spread. (
Na Ri discovers"s drawings in Hwa Shin"s Jung Won"s plans to lớn have na Ri disqualified the auditions. (
The test turns out lớn be than a read-through. Hwa Shin face the consequences of having turned the helicopter around. (

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Na Ri lớn liking both Hwa Shin và Jung Won, sending both of on a downward spiral. (
Hwa Shin & Jung Won try to convince na Ri to lớn date both of Hwa Shin"s bad post-op habits land back in the hospital. (
Na Ri, Hwa Shin, & Jung Won agree lớn all live together for one Hwa Shin & Jung Won receive invitations khổng lồ their ex-girlfriend"s wedding. (
Na Ri weighs the pros và cons of both in everyday life. Red decides khổng lồ reveal her father"s final wish. (
Na Ri"s jealousy over Hwa Shin & Hye Won"s kiss leads her to lớn reevaluate her feelings. The station prepares khổng lồ cover the Seoul election. (
Na Ri và Hwa Shin decide lớn truly start dating. The day of the election, but will the broadcast run without error? (
Hwa Shin asksãng cầu Ri a potentially life-changing question. Ja Young, Sung Sook, and Chef Rak are left to khuyễnãi giả giá with the consequences of Red"s actions. (
Hwa Shin feels about his future after receiving his kiể tra results. Reporter Park begins khổng lồ spread career-threatening around SBC. (
Hwa Shin tries to up the courage khổng lồ break up with na Ri. slots get switched around at the station when Announcer has to take off. (
In the final episode, Hwa Shin is anxious lớn plan a wedding, but both his and Na Ri"s positions at the station are at risk. (
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