While installing custom ROMs such as Lineage or official ROM’s zip files from custom recoveries such as TWRP, CWM it shows Installation Aborted error 7 or status 7 error. In some rare cases when installing an official ROM’s zip file, we get this updater process ended with Error 7 Error installing zip file.There are many reasons for this issue. The most common thing is ROM’s updater script is messed up other reasons can be you are trying khổng lồ install the custom ROM on vị trí cao nhất of incompatible data. There are mainly two ways lớn fix this issue. You can use either any method lớn overcome this message. The first method is way easier, the second method we need khổng lồ edit the ROMs’ updater-script file. If your phone or tablet has a text editor app and zip tệp tin uncompress phầm mềm you can fix this error without a PC. 

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Installing wrong custom ROM on your device can cause permanent damage to your apk phone/ tablet. Before installing a Custom ROM make sure that it released lớn your device.
Method 01 – Factory Reset.Boot into the recovery mode.Navigate to lớn “Wipe Data> Advanced Wipe“.Next select “Dalvik/ ART Cache” , “Cache“, “Data” options.Drag the “Swipe to lớn Wipe” option.Once the reset is completed, reboot the phone và try to lớn install the new ROM file.If it’s not fixing TWRP error 7 issues, you can follow the second method. But you have to lớn use a correct custom ROM file, otherwise, your phone will not boot.

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Method 02 – Edit updater-script file.In this error 7 TWRP fix method, we need khổng lồ edit the ROM zip file updater-script file. It’s more convenient, move the downloaded custom ROM zip file to a PC.Copy the ROM zip file to PC.Unzip it using Winzip, WinRar or 7zip.Navigate lớn unzipped folder following directory “META-INF/com/google“.Rename the “updater-script” file as “updater-script.text“.Open the renamed file. (Better mở cửa it using Notepad or NotePad ++).Delete all the text starting from the “assert” name until the semicolon which is shown in the following screenshot. Sometimes it can be ended after 3 or 4 paragraphs lượt thích below.
After removing the above-mentioned text, rename the file as the original name (updater-script).Save the file.Again compress/zip the extracted ROM zip tệp tin using Winzip, WinRar, or 7Zip. Now you can use this updated ROM zip file to update your apk phone, tablet. If error 7 in TWRP problem not solved.If non of the above methods worked, và still encounter TWRP “updater process ended with error 7 ” you can try khổng lồ update the bootloader of your game android phone, tablet to the latest version. Then you can try lớn install the custom ROM.