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– năm nhâm thìn Honda Motorcycle News / model Update & Changes (MSX125 SF) | * 2017 Grom –


What better way to start off the day (February 18, 2016) than khổng lồ see Honda finally release an update on the năm nhâm thìn MSX 125! A lot of us Grom và MSX owners have been patiently or should we say impatiently awaiting this update. I love mine & wouldn’t get rid of it for anything but deep down I have to lớn say I was wishing for the năm nhâm thìn MSX / Grom lớn see an nâng cấp in engine size and maybe see Honda cram a 150cc engine or something along those lines in the frame. Nothing too large though as it would only take away from what makes this xe đạp what it is so-to-say.

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The MSX125 carries on Honda’s long tradition of creating fun, appealing small-wheeled leisure motorcycles, which started with the original Monkey bike of 1963, & continued with the Dax và the Ape.

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Since its release in 2013, the MSX125 has earned worldwide popularity, with over 300,000 units sold to lớn date. Its exceptionally fuel efficient air-cooled 125cc engine, quirky looks và nimble handling have attracted A1 licence-holders, economy-conscious đô thị commuters, camping vehicle owners & other recreational riders alike. It has also gained popularity as the perfect paddock bike for race teams.

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Now for 2016, a redesign gives the MSX125 a sharper new attitude with more of a ‘mini-streetfighter’ feel. The new fuel tank và side panels integrate cleanly lớn give an edgier outlook; up front a unique, new stacked LED headlight gives the MSX a distinctive, ultra-modern face. The compact, upswept tail unit (with LED taillight), higher pillion seat & short, under-slung exhaust complete the bolder new look.

The MSX125 is what we know as the Grom here in the USA. Originally, we didn’t get the Grom in the USA until a model year (6 months) after it originally released across the pond as they got their 2013 Grom a few months ahead of us in the USA whereas ours was a 2014 model year released in August of 2013. Will the same hold true khổng lồ the Grom again? Will Honda not give us these changes / upgrades on the 2016 MSX until we get our 2017 Grom released? I could see Honda doing that as they vì chưng still have leftover năm ngoái Grom’s left in their inventory spread out across the USA in warehouses (not dealer inventory). They may want to clear out that inventory to dealers before they want khổng lồ release the next updated year model. If they keep the potential năm nhâm thìn Grom price the same as the 2015 mã sản phẩm at $3,199 then I could really see them holding out until the 2017 mã sản phẩm year as it will be difficult khổng lồ convince customers khổng lồ not purchase a năm nhâm thìn over a 2015 if they are sitting at the dealer with the same price tag on them or within $100-$200 price difference. They’ll be hung with them if they release the newer changed up năm nhâm thìn MSX as our năm nhâm thìn Grom as no dealers would want to order them without rebates và incentives which = Honda losing profit. So the best bet financially is khổng lồ hold out & wait a little longer and get those 2015’s cleared out some. I’m betting we won’t see them until the 2017 production run. If the 2015’s go quickly then we could see the 2017 Grom as an early release model and start lớn see them shipped lớn dealers mid summer of 2016 (similar to năm trước Grom released in August of 2013) but if not then they’ll hold out a bit longer. Of course, this is all my opinion và nothing more. None of it is a fact or a definite plan on what Honda will bởi vì when it comes lớn the năm 2016 or 2017 Grom for the USA.

After checking out the năm nhâm thìn Honda MSX125 specs, pictures and clip below – What vì chưng you guys think about the 2016 MSX? Is it a step in the right direction? vì you want lớn see these changes on our 2016 / 2017 Grom here in the USA?