Don"t count out Liam Hemsworth making an MCU appearance just yet: Chris said it"s always possible there"d be a multiverse mash-up after "Thor: Love & Thunder."

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Since there were already three (and counting) Spider-Men, why not a trio of Thors?

“Thor: Love và Thunder” star Chris Hemsworth revealed that his younger brother Liam Hemsworth was “almost cast” as the Marvel superhero & Asgardian god. With older brother Luke Hemsworth already playing the actor version of Thor in both “Ragnarok” and “Love và Thunder,” it only makes sense for Liam lớn be a multiverse alternative version lớn Chris’ character.

“He was one of the first people who got right down khổng lồ the wire on getting the part so, I don’t know, I could cross paths with him. That will be fun,” Hemsworth told MensXP. “In this film, is not something we explore. But who knows if there is more in the future as you say it has opened up multitudes of options we can head in or be taken in.”

Hemsworth previously detailed during Wired’s “Autocomplete Interview” his doubts at landing the role of Thor when he was awaiting a callback. “I think my audition sucked,” Hemsworth said, citing his younger brother was among the final five actors in the running for the role. “I think that was the response I got.”



Hemsworth continued, “They were like, ‘Look, he’s great, but he’s a bit young.’ My manager then said, ‘Well, he does have an older brother,’ which was me. I came back in, re-auditioned a few times, và just had a different attitude. Maybe I had a little more sort of motivation that my little brother got a look in & I hadn’t. I also had done a couple of films in between those two auditions, so I had a bit more experience và confidence in what I was going to do.”

The “Thor” films turned out to be a family affair regardless, though: Hemsworth shared that his 10-year-old daughter và eight-year-old son both appear in “Love and Thunder.”

“It’s really cool. They really wanted to be in it,” Hemsworth said in an interview with Kevin McCarthy. “ Taika had his children in there. Christian Bale had his. Natalie had her kids as well.”

He added, “It felt sort of like a one-off, fun family experience. I don’t want them lớn now go & be child stars and actors. It was just a special experience we all had and I loved it. They had a great time.”

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